Good News and Bad News

The bad news:   I decided to test the Margi with my own Treo and had to perform the dreaded hard reset.  Apparently though it is supposed to work with the Treo, the Margi software appears to be incompatible with my Treo.   The professor was disappointed, of course.  He will have to bring that laptop to class.

 The good news:  eInstruction has just released CPS for PowerPoint:

“eInstruction introduces CPS for PowerPoint, a new product that integrates 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint. Now you can run your existing presentations while asking questions and receiving instant feedback. It’s all the power of CPS and all the functionality of PowerPoint. “


I tried it and it’s easy.  You can create a new PointPoint presentation and insert different types of questions on the slides or add new slides with questions to existing presentations.  The most important reason to use this software is that if the professor uploads each session the the CPSwebsite, the students have access to a study guide with the questions and the correct answers (and their answers).  This was not possible in the past since in order to use PowerPoint and CPS, you had to use the verbal mode.


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