Technology’s Role in Law Schools???

Image: Christopher Bing

Just came across a great article in The National Law Journal. The project referred in the article is a partnership between the Berkman Center for Internet and Society and LexisNexis in order to study legal education /training and how technology may be fundamentally changing both the practice for which law schools are training attorneys as well as the methods law school professors use to teach.  Gene Koo, the fellow, spearheading the project states:

“The intersection among law school, law practice, and technology points to many possible combinations; here are some ways to describe those intersections:

  • How technology is changing legal practices / what law schools can do to prepare students for a new world of practice
  • How technology is changing law students / how law schools and practice settings can better accommodate this new “millenial” or “digital” generation
  • How the new market of legal practice is changing the way new lawyers are being trained / how technology can better meet this emerging field
  • How technology is offering new capabilities for education and training / how law schools and training programs can better accomplish their mission using new technologies “

I am very excited to hear about the results of this study.


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