To Podcast or Not To Podcast…?


Just read a comment by Jim Milles to a post about podcasting in the Law School Innovations Blog .  He writes: “The most engaging law school classes tend to be those with a high degree of interaction among the instructor and the students…Podcasting … seems to be a step back, to the “sage on the stage” model of teaching. I think podcasting has great value, but I’m not sure that classroom instruction is its best use.”

On the other hand, John Mayer from CALIopolis contends: “Some faculty choose to merely record the class so that students

  • Can re-listen to the lecture
  • Can review specific parts of the lecture when going over their notes
  • Don’t get left behind when necessarily missing a class”

Some faculty record “weekly summaries where they re-emphasize important points, clarify points that seemed to generate confusion in the classroom or use the opportunity to expand on explanations when the class time ran out. ”

Finally, he states: “Podcasting makes you are a better teacher. It forces you to gather your thoughts and present them in an orderly fashion. More than a few faculty have told me that they listen to their own podcasts as a way to improve their lecturing. .. Several faculty have also told me that they listen to other faculty’s podcasts as a way to get tips and ideas for better presenting material in the classroom. ”

I agree with John.  If podcasting by law school professors helps the students learn better then it is a worthy technology tool. 

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3 Responses to To Podcast or Not To Podcast…?

  1. goldsteinandclegg says:

    I agree whole heartedly with John. As a recent law school graduate and one who only passed the bar one year ago, I would have welcomed podcasts from law professors at my school while studying for the bar. I think this also would be very helpful for those students who may not have enrolled in certain classes, because of scheduling conflicts, where a podcast could at least give them a taste of the subject area of law.

  2. goldsteinandclegg says:

    I enjoyed reading your article on podcasts in the lawschool classroom. I thought I would introduce myself as you may be interested in reading my blog, This blog takes the perspective of a very recent law school graduate and new lawyer and talks about technology issues and how they relate to the law.

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