Exams have begun and almost 500 student here are using Examsoft.   So far, things are going very smoothly with minimal uploading issues.  I have heard no complains from the students (even about the disabled spellchecker.) However, I just read an interesting posting about replacing examsoft with a log-in to a website in the De Novo Blog. 

On another exam note: Austin Groothuis (CALI’s Pre-Law Blog) has updated his list of links to exam advice for law students. John Mayer on CALIopolis reproduced it and I also feel it is worthy of reproduction.  See below:

CALI Podcasts

1) Tips for multiple choice exams

2) Top 10 tips for writing a law school essay

3) Three more conversations with law professors about exams

Other Resources

1) Massive compilation of advice on Top Law Student Blog

2) Advice from Permissive Joinder Blog

3) Advice from a professor on Evan Shaeffer’s Legal Underground

4) A post about issue spotting from Evan Shaeffer’s Legal Underground

5) Advice from Prof. Greg Bowman of Law Career Blog

6) Advice on how to flunk exams from another law student in Chicago.

7) Hofstra’s Law Library blog posts more exam week suggestions.

Good luck Albany Law Students on your exams:)

Listen to this articleListen to this article

photo from: www.hull.ac.uk/…/semeter_dates/index.html


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