New Year’s Resolution


Just when I decided that my New Year’s resolution was to blog more often (it’s been quite awhile since I last blogged), I read a post entitled: Are law professor blogs like so five minutes ago? in which Doug Berman wonders whether blogging will continue in law schools if professors are not rewarded for this scholarly activity.

Then I read this comment: “Interestingly I was speaking about this with some past students recently and they felt that law blogging created a community between professors and students, where more informal and non-judgmental discussion could be engaged in (incl. criticising a professor’s conclusion on something)” and I think that I will continue to encourage professors here to start blogs.

I, myself, learn more from reading others’ blogs than by blogging myself.  I hope this will happen here for law students as they contribute to blogs, write their own blogs, and read other blogs.

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