Just Trying Out Word 2007


I am really existed after hearing Sean Smith from the NYS Prosecutors Training Institute give a talk on Thursday about “Courtroom Technology” to two Trial Practice classes. (Click HERE to listen to the podcast of his talk.)

He began his Powerpoint presentation with the message:

No Excuses
It’s 2007
Embrace Technology

He even included a quote from David Byrne of the Talking Heads: “The genius of powerpoint is that any idiot can use it.”

He stressed that technology offers the jury the advantage viewing of evidence that is “private and recent.”  It allowed him to include of 280 pieces of evidence in one day.

In addition to Powerpoint, he recommended a wireless mouse to zoom in on words on slides and using the trial presentation software such as Sanction.

This post was done entirely in Word 2007.

Listen to this articleListen to this article


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