, an alternative to Second Life

In a previous post, I was exploring Second Life and its use in law schools, found out that it is blocked here at Albany Law.


While reading this issue of Campus Technology, I discovered (Makena Technologies), which boasts about 750,000 members worldwide, is “an immersive 3D environment.” But of all the virtual worlds, There  is the most user-friendly, and even New York Law School holds classes within it.

So I dowloaded the software, created an Avatar (I’m DSC59 in There and Evelyn Shabazz in SL) and it works so far.

Currently, New York Law School cosponsors an offshoot of the State of Play Academy, or SOPA, an entire academy built in a virtual world. Users can take courses in patent law, copyright law, virtual world law, and municipal WiFi policy, among others. The classes are scheduled at a wide variety of times; law professors, journalists, and technologists line up to teach them.”


I enrolled in the State of Play Academy and found a large selection of papers, conversations and how-to’s offered this semester related to law and technology.

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2 Responses to, an alternative to Second Life

  1. Michael Garrett says:

    Interesting… I am a Second Life user, but I had never heard of until a couple weeks ago.

  2. I have logged in to There in order to visit SOPA (covered on Virtually Blind a couple of time this past week, actually) and really hate the interface, tools, and frankly, just about everything about it. Second Life has a steeper learning curve, but it’s infinitely more rewarding in the long run. There feels like a toy to me.

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