Timely Survey Results


As I prepare for my presentation on Podcasting at Albany Law School for our Spring ETG meeting, John Mayer posted the results of CALI’s 2007 Legal Podcasting Project Student Survey.

The results of last year’s survey were intersting, but the new trends are even more so:

  • More students used portable MP3 players to listen to podcasts than before (24% vs. 17%), but the PC was the primary listening device.
  • More students listened to podcasts from other professors (15% vs. 8%), so awareness of podcasting professors is growing.
  • Podcasts as attendance-supressors seemed to decline with this survey. 2% said they attended less classes vs. 7% last year. 11% said they skipped classes vs. 12% last year.

Most of the student comments are very positive and repeatedly stated that they wished more professors podcasted their classes.  The comment below embodies their feelings:

“I wish more classes/professors offered this opportunity. It’s such a great idea and a wonderful tool so that you can go back and make sure you are clear on a particular topic, plus, since you can put it on your MPS or iPod, you can listen to it anywhere (while at the gym, in the car, on a walk), so you don’t necessarily have to be attached to your computer or an internet connection (once downloaded) to listen to it. I think it definitely increases access to information for students, since it is accessible anywhere at anytime for use anywhere, anytime, and I think it also is helpful for students who learn better audially, rather than visually, so that come review time you can do more than (or other than) simply read books and review notes, but relisten to the material. It’s a wonderful tool technology has given us as students!”

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