Why Should We Blog?


According to an article in EQ Educause Quarterly, a new blog is created every half minute and 50 million blogs were created in the second quarter of 2006!!

Concurring Opinions Blog reports that there are currently 308 active law professor bloggers (75% being male).  Chicago, GW and San Diego law school have 8 and law schools in the U.S. News Top 25 rankings account for 75 bloggers.

This does not include Albany Law School’s new blogger, Patty Salkin.  Hopefully, there will be more…

Perhaps in order to convince more professors to join the blogosphere, we need to investigate the constructive uses of blogs  — how they will help advance the law school and how these blogs will both enhance the learning of law students and enhance the scholarship of professors.

Listen to this articleListen to this article


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