The Mets and Expectations


It’s hard to concentrate today after what happened to the Mets this season.  Yes, the truth is out, I am a die hard Mets fan and have been for years. So I should have been prepared.  But this is what happens with high expectations.  Of course, I had high expectations, rightfully so, because they have been in first place all season and had a 7 game  with 17 games left to play.

How does this relate to technology here at Albany Law School?  Right now, I think about the Dean Alexander Moot Courtroom.  After researching all the technology we could add to make this room  a technology-enhanced classroom, electronic courtroom and videoconferencing/recording venue, we found a company that gave us prices we could afford so that almost everything we wanted could be purchased.

High expectations were immediately dashed when only the projector and laptop controls worked at orientation in August.  The deadline was extended to last Friday and more controls were enabled.

Unfortunately my dream of an electronic courtroom had to be modified when the lcd monitors could not be permanently installed on the lawyer tables, witness stand, judge’s bench,  wires could not be hidden on the judge’s bench, etc. 

 But the biggest disappointment will be although all the money was made available to purchase the technology, professors do not use their laptop, or the document camera, or the Smartboard or the videoconferencing equipment and mock trials are held with setting up all the monitors, mikes, etc.

So unlike the Mets, I will not assume the everything will work out like I planned.  I will do eveything I can to facilitate the use of the equipment even when things are not set up correctly or work easily.  And if my dream is not a reality this year, I’ll have to remember the positives and continue to correct things next year.


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