Mac vs PC


In this month’s ABA Journal, two lawyers  re-visit the MAC vs PC debate. Here at the law school, we find that more 1Ls have MACs than previous years.  We do not provide technical support for  MAC users other than setting up their wireless Internet access.  We are this semester for the first time allowing students to use MACs for their final exams if they own an Intel MAC (MACbook or MACbook Pro) running Windows XP or Vista on Bootcamp.


 According to the magazine article, here are the advantages of each –


  • Easier to choose a model (there are fewer)
  • New ones can run any Windows program when necessary (PC World reported that the fastest Vista notebook is a MAC)
  • you do not need anti-virus, anti-spyware or security protection
  • they rarely crash
  • there are free seminars at stores including a free “Genius Bar”
  • better tech support (repairs are made promptly with free shipping provided)
  • for lawyers


  • cheaper (more brands, more competition)
  • more choices
  • 90% of the population use them
  • more choices for software
  • can buy their components anywhere
  • Dual booting is time consuming 
  • More people/vendors available to fix your PC
  • for lawyers

As for me, as a teacher, I began my computer using days by owning several MACS.  When I went back to grad school for Instructional technology in 1994,  I entered the PC world and completely switched over.  I have been using PCs ever since.  Just recently, since my 6 yr old SONY laptop (which has given my problems since day one) is approaching extinction, I have considered buying a MACbook Pro or a Ferrari …LOL


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