The Future of Legal Education


In the wisdom of a Chinese proverb: “Tell me, I will forget. Show me, I will remember. Involve me, I will understand.”

I have heard this quote before, but I was reminded of it, reading about Washington and Lee Law School’s new curriculum.  They are entirely re-inventing the third year to make it a year of “professional development through simulated and actual practice experiences.”

Other law schools are working on changes to their first year curriculum.  (3/21/08 Conference details)

How does technology in legal education fit into the Chinese proverb (“… Involve me, I will understand.” )?

  • Students self-assess their skills (for interviewing techniques, negotatiating, trial practice, etc.)
    • MediaNotes software and CALI space will facilitate that
    • Podcasting and/or Digital webcam video will also make it easier
  • Students participate in discussions and give their view on critical topics
    • Discussion forums in TWEN
    • Class blogs and/or wikis
  • Students actively participate in class
    • CPS (clickers) make this possible
    • Faculty/Student web response pages are available
    • Customized polling in TWEN
    • Install poll through CALI
  • Students practice difficult concepts using simulations and/or interactives
    • CALI lessons are great
    • other software similations
  • Students use the technology they will use when they practice law
    • be familiar with case management software
    • be able to use PowerPoint during a trial
    • be able to display evidence using a Document Camera during a trial

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