ActiveCampus Portal – an alternative to iTunes U


I attended a webex presentation today on Podcasting 101 with the ActiveCampus Portal.

The ActiveCampus Portal by Datatel provides a single point of access for everyone on campusTherefore, faculty, staff and students benefit from a common environment within which they can cooperate and collaborate more freely and effectively.

It integrates with Datatel’s Colleague software (which we ALREADY use on campus).  It offers one secure log in with which users can access bulletin boards (blogs or wikis) that can be embedded with podcasts (audio and/or video) and other important content.

This presentation focused on what are podcasts, why podcast and how to begin podcasting.  But the interesting part was how to share these podcasts in a secure way and in an accessible location.

Right now, our audio podcasts are available on a classcaster hosted site.  Our wikis on  Our blogs are hosted on  We look to uploading video files to CALI spaces.  We’ve been accepted to iTunes U as a possibility for uploading audio and video content.  All are free hosting solutions.

Here, faculty and students log into WebAdvisor (part of Datatel’s Colleague) to access academic services such as grades and course registration. It would seem that using the ActiveCampus Portal would be the next step….

It would certainly relieve IT of the nightmarish authentication process (of eDirectory into LDAP) required by iTunes U and the installation of the iTunes software on all computers on campus.


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