Blogging from the CALI Conference in Baltimore

Keynote – Paul Maharq – Transforming Legal Education –

Keynote summary from Liveblogger, Gene Koo –

Session 1 – When to jump on the IT bandwagon, when to jump off… – FSU College of Law

2 librarians surveyed their law students and came up with some bluntly honest comments, yielding surprising results for those of us choosing new IT applications of all types

  • good AALL publication on using wikis
  • offer a prize to get good results on students completing surveys
  • 63% IM, 82% use MySpace or Facebook
  • 98% rarely used Second Life, 89% rarely used RSS
  • Google  analytic tools – free – put cod on all your webpages

Session 2 – Our Clicker presentation with UTexas College of Law

It seemed to go well – Dan & got a lot of positive feedback.  UTexas uses Turning Point (one of the conference sponsors.)  The only downside of their clicker system is that it only works seemlessly if you are a PowerPoint user.

                Dan Moriarity & myself                               Catherine Englander & Mike Harvey

Session 3  – Where the magic happens  – Nova Southeastern

  • turn off the light and put a lamp behind your monitor!?
  • Firefox has cool add-in
  • free software tools
    • flickr for photos
    • photoshop express for editing
    • piclens – 3D viewer
    • animoto – slideshow creator ($10-15)
    • eyespot – video creator
    • palbee – videoconferencing (6 users)
    • – create a virtual tour – html code provided

VARK – one method of identifying learning preferences – the VARK Questionnaire ( )

Session 4 – The Nuts & Bolts of using MediaNotes – Gene Koo (CALI)

Great – very Informative!!  I really understand how to use MediaNotes to annotate video, what to buy to make it happen (and I sat next to Paul Maharq).

  • red pen for video
  • need a laptop and a webcam (logitech top of the line $100)
  • camera comes with the software
  • hit start & hit stop when done – video is automatically saved on the laptop
  • audio is more important than video so if room is noisy, use a headset mic
  • have students review their own – give them a set of tags (concepts – ex: closed question, summary, open question…)
  • or give them a video of a TV show or movie to use
  • can count # of tags, can filter by tag
  • tagging is done by the reviewer, filter is done by the tagger
  • to start: select new project, find the video, hit + sign and add comment or create a tag (pick a color) and drag onto event, can import tags
  • details checkbox shows comments belwo each tag on right
  • can separate video in a separate location or packpage the project (tags & video) and save it
  • buy 2 GB USB flash drives to exchange files
  • upload load speed to CAI spaces is slow
  • CALI is going to set up a chain in the next few months (send an email to the next reviewer, etc)
  • software is free for faculty & staff (use CALi id on website to download)
  • $20 for law students – price will be coming down
  • outside services that charge $2/min to transcribe MP3 audio, you can copy and paste the transcript into event
  • uses .wmv, mov or mp3 file formats not flash
  • tags are shared in to MediaNotes community (interviewing & counseling tags)
  • in March – new harware options will be coming out

Dinner & tour of the aquarium


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