CALI Conference – Day 2

Keynote – Joel Garreau

Session 1 – Technology Use & Practices: What the students want – ASU

They polled 2Ls and 3Ls to ask them what kinds of technology devices they own and use and what kinds of online tools of services (i.e. MySpace, Facebook, etc) they use

  • 100% cellphone, 85% mp3 players, 98% laptops, 54% Facebook
  • 64% neveruse MySpace
  • 62% iTunes, 52% YouTube
  • Flickr, NING, Twitter , RSS feeds- most nver heard of it
  • Blogs & Wikis – 30% read, 70% never write
  • cellphone text messages – 75%. IM – 50%
  • ASC has a Facebook page, uses gmail for email, will have their Masters program online
  • 50% Online course, 335 partial online course
  • 49% would take course online, 35% prfer synchronous, prefer video, audio & slides
  • 79% would use podcasts
  • technology course courtroom tech 62% lawfirm tech 91%

Session 2 – iTunesU – NY School of Law

discussed how to set up your site so users can subscribe and use better

  • rename podcasts as tracks, and vodcasts as video
  • re-categorize all content – social sciences, law
  • intro page just have the name of law school not iTunes and have link to law school in a prominent place
  • Public part of the site
    • section 1- faculty lectures and conferences
    • should have at least 100 tracks before launching
    • use general categories
    • Section 2 – about the school
    • career services and admissions info
    • interviews with students & admin director, dean
    • virtual tour
    • always describe the podcast feed
    • use distinctive graphics for featured events
    • use repetitive branding (school logo)

    Private content

    • use unique course identifier
    • NYSL contracted with apple to have a single log on for students and faculty
    • designate admins
    • 2 urls – one for students (who can download) and one for faculty (who can publish)
    • create user groups for faculty & students – itunesu_courseid_student &…_faculty
    • can upload pdfs as well as audio and video
    • can play on ipod or on any computer with itunes software

Session 3 – LexisNexis Casemap

    • free software for law school faculty and students (for 3 years)
    • makes the life of a ligator easier
    • used by clinics and to organize legal writing assignments
    • to download, go to:
    • composed of a spreadsheet that includes linked worksheets for:
      • all objects (persons, places, things) – do 1st
      • issue outline (heart of casemap)
      • facts (can filter)
      • documents (can be linked)
      • authorities – favorite of students
      • extracts from authorities – links directly to Lexis research
    • at – there is a short webinar for every task in Casemap
    • has been used for 7-8 years in the ligation world
    • This presenter is available for a presentation at any law school

Session 4 – The Wire – Pittsburgh

Video from the HBO series that was filmed in Baltimore


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