Day 3 from the CALI Conference

Session 1 – Laptop Encryption – Rutgers School of Law

  • recommends encryting ALL staff & faculty laptops
  • do it before delivering the laptop
  • recommends 2 different software
    • on the fly full disk encryption
    • pre-boot authentication
    • pre-boot decryption if needed
    • free
    • can encrypt CD or removeable storage
    • single encryption
    • network stroage encryption
    • easier to encrypt after you ghost the laptop
    • takes TIME (40 GB 3-4 hrs, 80 GB 6-7 hrs)
    • you can customize your log in screen with school logo & info
    • can use the same key for multiple laptops
    • easy to administer
    • additional programs are available
  • TrueCrypt
    • free – open source
    • in the settings, you can select full hard disk encryption
    • assigns a random encryption key
    • different for every laptop
    • have  to create a backfile disk (in case there’s a problem) – makes you  buurn a cd and then re-insert the cd before you can continue
    • time consuming
    • this is recommended for an advanced user to do on his/her personal computer 

Session 1 – Can you hear me now? Social Networking – Chicago-Kent State

Slides –

Session 2 – RSS & Widgets – Catholic U

Paul Maharq’s Liveblog –
Slides – or

  • they have created a widget for library catalog, library database, ask a librarian
  • also installed at Penn State but only .4% have installed the widget on their own site
  • recommends using (but facebook app is poor)
  • google gadget only runs in igoogle
  • allows for file sharing
  • allows for chat
  • Westlaw has its own widget – go to (modules, single source monitor, CLIP)
  • other software – yourminis, sproutbuilder (free flash presentations), & (music slide presentations)
  • DuKe, Harvard, Nova Southestern, Santa Clara Law schools have facebook pages
  • AALL has a article  by Behrens -“Abouot Facebook”

Session 3 – MacGyver Computing – Brooklyn Law

discussed ingenious ways they solved seemingly unresolvable problems – intersting but not very useful


Paul Maharq’s Liveblog –


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