TWEN Gets Updated

Read an article entitled: “Socializing the CMS” in this month’s Campus Technology magazine, reminded me of the some of the changes in our CMS – TWEN.

So far, these are some of the changes:

  • New Course Home Page – cleaner and easier to integrate pictures, documents and links to other media on your homepage. Drag and drop content modules give you more flexibility when it comes to arranging the materials on your home page.
  • Document Pages – folders will replace categories; new icons will mark the document type (e.g. Word, WordPerfect, PDF); batch upload will be available for uploading multiple files; new PowerPoint viewer will allow you to page through the slides instead of scrolling down the page; click and drag page items for custom sorting.
  • Forums – posting rules set by the administrator will be explicit on the forum; easily review chronological threads on a single page rather than clicking to view postings; each forum will have Reply, Quote and Print options.
  • Gradebook / Assignment Drop Box – you will have the ability to batch download all of the most recent submissions to a single assignment; late submissions will be marked in red to easily determine at a glance which submissions were not turned in on time.
  • Enhanced Text Editor – on the new forums, document pages and course home page, with Black’s Law Dictionary terms added to the spell checker.
  • Upcoming Events List – quick glance at seven days worth of calendar events on the TWEN home page.

Coming in August will be:

  • RSS Feeds – anyone using an RSS reader can add a TWEN forum topic to their RSS reader to keep up to date on new postings.
  • Sign Up Sheets – you can share sign-up sheets across your other TWEN Courses making it easier to schedule things such as office hours.
  • Custom Polling – create multiple questions with the ability to have an unlimited number of answer boxes.

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