Laptops in the Classroom

In a post on the Best Practices blog, Alfred Mathewson explains:

 …In Contracts this fall, I plan to experiment with bringing my laptop to class rather than using the big screen for Power Point presentations. I will use a TWEN course site. They will be able to annotate the PowerPoint but they will have no need to spend course time copying the slides. They will, however, have to use the laptop to see the PowerPoint. As I see it, we must prepare students to practice in an era far more technologically advanced than the one in which we were educated.

and Jaime comments:

This is a good attitude. Like calculators or anything else, I think the key is to sift good uses from bad…

as well as Rob Schwartz:

…Of course, I applaud Alfred’s truly creative efforts to find out the best uses for these and other forms of classroom technology. Should he succeed in finding such uses, it won’t be the first time that my teaching practices will change as a result of his innovation.

The key is to find GOOD uses for laptops rather than just banning them.


One Response to Laptops in the Classroom

  1. Yana says:

    Many of my undergraduate professors used this method of sending power points us before class. This was a very good way of keeping our notes organized and let us pay attention to what the professor was saying instead of half-listening while copying the information on the slides.

    Also, the earlier the slides were made available, the more prep we could do for class. This led to better understanding of the material during class and more focused discussions.

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