Welcome New Students!

Summer is over and the new students have arrived…

What’s new at Albany Law School?

  • Instead of attending a Computer Orientation, students read a letter in WebAdvisor about computing services and then are emailed their network and email passwords.
  • Instead of waiting in a long line outside my office to have their laptops set up for wireless Internet access, students can connect themselves to albanylaw_students by putting in a password.
  • We have context-less log ins on all lab computers – rather than bfranklin.cl10 ,  it is just bfranklin -same as email user name.
  • Most orientation sessions were digitally recorded.
  • HelpDesk@albanylaw.edu is the one place to go to get help for all technology-related problems.
  • Computer Resources is now called: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES
  • More to come…

Have a great year 🙂 !!


One Response to Welcome New Students!

  1. […] the 2008-9 school year, instead of goals, I posted about “What’s New at Albany Law” and repeated this at the beginning of the 2009-10 […]

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