Digital Video Recording by Students

The Clinic has started this semester having students use a Logitech webcam connected to a laptop to record a practice interviews/negiotations.  The students save their videos onto a flash drive and return the flash drive & the laptop/webcam to the professor.  The students at a later time, retrieve the flash drive (with videos & MediaNotes tags) and a headset, and on a lab computer,  they watch their videos and critique them using MediaNotes. (see photo below)

Is this the start of things to come?  Will other professors abandon the video tape and go digital???

BTW: We made the CALI spotlight:



3 Responses to Digital Video Recording by Students

  1. Hello,

    Just wanted to thank you for mentioning MediaNotes. I hope your faculty and students area finding MediaNotes helpful. Let us know if you have an feedback.

    For you other law school IT staff, faculty, and students out there, MediaNotes is free to download and use if you work at or attend a CALI member school.

    If you have any questions about MediaNotes, please check out:

    or contact Gene Koo with CALI,


    Austin Groothuis
    CALI Communications/Marketing Coordinator

    PS: We also think the answers to your questions are yes and yes.

  2. […] The Clinic’s use of MediaNotes – student use tags to annotate their own simulation videos. (see September 25, 2008 post) […]

  3. […] Alternative to MediaNotes? As previously mentioned, the clinic faculty and students have been using MediaNotes to annotate simulation videos (see Sept 28, 2008 post). […]

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