Using Adobe Connect for Online Review Session

Professor Nancy Ota had a great idea.  She scheduled a Sunday evening extra review class for her Contracts’ students. She gave them the URL of her Adobe Connect Pro meeting room and at a scheduled time, everyone who wanted extra remediation went online. The professor presented some key ideas on PowerPoint slides and students used the chat pod to ask questions. The professor used her computer microphone at home to answer their questions.  She recorded the session so students who were not there could watch it (see: and also shared the transcript of the online session.

Usually this professor uses TWEN for this purpose.  Here is her comment about using Adobe Connect:

I prefer this method to the live discussion in TWEN. It’s just easier to talk than type and it’s really nice to be able to share documents.


One Response to Using Adobe Connect for Online Review Session

  1. […] Contracts professor’s use of an Adobe Connect meeting room to allow students to ask questions (online) about concepts that they did not understand.  The review class is recorded and archived for students who could not attend. (see October 6, 2008 post) […]

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