The Law Teacher Magazine Will Continue


The good  news is that Gonzaga University School of Law and Washburn University School of Law have decided to collaborate in a joint sponsorship of the renamed and reconstituted Institute for Law Teaching and Learning.  Professors Michael Hunter Schwartz (Washburn) and Gerald Hess (Gonzaga) will co-direct the Institute.  

The Institute will once again publish The Law Teacher twice annually, providing an outlet for law teachers interested in sharing teaching ideas and their thoughts about the law school learning process. In a nod to the modern age, The Law Teacher will be published electronically.

The Law Teacher magazine  was going to be published for the last time December but this joint sponsorship has enabled  its contunued publication.

To read the Fall 2008 issue, click HERE.

My article entitled “The Use of Clickers in the Law School Classroom” appears on pages 13-14!!


2 Responses to The Law Teacher Magazine Will Continue

  1. Link to the Fall 2008 Law School Teacher not working.

  2. I just tested it – are you sure?

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