Update on Government Ethics at a Distance


URL for the Feb 12, 2009 recording: https://admin.na3.acrobat.com/_a795806695/p96506281/

Five weeks done – 10 to go!

As mentioned in a previous post, this semester, we have 6 students interning Washington DC who need to take a Government Ethics class here at Albany Law School.  Last year, we used our videoconferencing codec and coordinated with similiar equipment at George Washington Law School.   This year, this option was not available to us.

We decided to have the students in DC use webcams in their apartments and we would use Adobe Connect here to have them virtually attend class.

Each week, we faced challenges but it seems to be working. 

The positives:

  • It is easy to set up and easy to adapt to a professor’s style.
  • It is web-based so no software is necessary.
  • Voice over IP works well.
  • We can see the DC students on their webcam and can project them on the screen
  • Students in DC can see the professor and hear the students in Albany as well as the professor.
  • The class can easily be recorded and the URL posted.
  • DC students text their answers or questions which can be seen on the screen & on the professor’s laptop.

The negatives:

  • DC students can only see the professor and only if he/she stays in front of the camera
  • The audio for the DC students (due to bandwidth issues) only works sporadically so they prefer to text.
  • The professor does not share any digital content such as pdfs, websites, ppt slides, use the whiteboard or polling functionality so much of the Adobe Connect product is wasted.
  • We are always worried about bandwidth issues.

All in all, Adobe Connect offers a promising solution  for sharing digital content and audio/video transmissions of lectures for those students who cannot attend classes in Albany and have access to the Internet.



One Response to Update on Government Ethics at a Distance

  1. Mark Watson says:

    Please contact me reagrding the issues you are having audio quality using Connect. My company provides audio integration with Adobe Connect.

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