Law School 2.0: Legal Education for a Digital Age is out!


I got my copy in the mail today!! Inside the book was a postcard that said:

Dear Darlene,
           Since we share many of these interests and concerns, I thought you might like to have a copy of my new book.
Best regards,

I can’t wait to read it and implement his ideas with  the faculty at Albany Law School.

There is also blog associated with the book and my blog is mentioned:

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction of the book:

This book describes how the perfect storm of generational change and the rising cost and criticisms of legal education, combined with extraordinary technological developments, will change the face of legal education as we know it today.  Its scope extends from generational changes in our students, to pedagogical shifts inside and outside of the classroom, to hybrid textbooks, all the way to methods of active, interactive, and hypertextual learning.  And it describes how this shift can – and will – better prepare law students for the law practice of tomorrow.

But legal education has successfully resisted systemic change for many years.  Given that dubious track record, the only way significant change can reasonably be expected is if something is different this time.  Fortunately, there is something different this time: the ubiquity of technology.  Since the MacCrate report in 1992, the internet has achieved massive growth, and a generation of students have grown up with sophisticated and pervasive use of technology in nearly every facet of their lives. 

As I read David Thomson’s book, I am sure I will be quoting it frequently in future posts.


2 Responses to Law School 2.0: Legal Education for a Digital Age is out!

  1. Josh Camson says:

    I believe the link is just I’m interested to check it out and read more about the book. Sounds interesting.

  2. […] a post on February 21, 2009, I wrote about a new book out called Law School 2.0. I read it at that time […]

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