New Book on “Clickers”


Jossey-Bass has just published a book  for teachers on how to make the best use of  “clickers:”   “Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments” by Derek Bruff, the assistant director of Vanderbilt University’s Center for Teaching. You can read an interview with the author from Inside Higher Ed right here and you can watch a video demonstration of clickers here.

Criminal Law class 2-26-09

Criminal Law class 2-26-09

This is timely as we try to publicize our use of clickers at Albany Law School and encourage professors here to use them in their classes.

You may notice in the photo above the professor’s excitement that the students were tricked into thinking C was the correct answer.  The correct answer (in green) was B and last year when this question was  used, it was a student that proved to this professor that the answer was indeed B not C as the professor thought. Again this year, there was quite a lively exchange, thus CREATING,as the book’s title says, AN ACTIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT!”


The March Newsletter of Engaging Technologies will feature a blurb about my Clicker article  published in The Law Teacher (p13) and put a link to it in their blog as well as links to a blog post about my CALI conference presentation on clickers –

I also have video footage from several Criminal Law classes that I plan to edit and then create a Clicker promotional video . I want also invite faculty members to see for themselves the Clickers in action in this Criminal Law class.


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