Results of the Laptop Ban

There’s an an article in the ABA Journal online about faculty banning laptops in class. According to this article, law students reported a positive reaction to a no-laptop policy.  One professor who banned laptops (UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh) posted the results to a student survey in a memo to his collegues (PDF).  Another,  Howard Wasserman, an associate law professor at Florida International University, noted in Prawfsblawg  that his own classroom laptop ban was going better than he had hoped.
The comments to the ABA  Journal online article also support a laptop ban. 
This one, however, hit me:

I had a laptop in law school.  In the classes I was engaged and challenged in, I paid attention.  In the classes where a professor lectured about minutia that would never come up anywhere in the world again, I zoned out and facebooked or IMed.  It had nothing to do with the computer, it was about the materials being taught and the way they were presented.

 Fortunately, it ties in with the previous post and how important it is for a professor to engage students in the classroom.


Here’s another post related to this article – by Doug Berman of the Law School Innovation blog.


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