Skype bridges the distance


Last week an adjunct professor approached me about a presenter for his evening class who was in New Hampshire and could not be part of his panel.  This presenter would be at home and did not have access to videoconferencing equipment.  I suggested that he may want to try SKYPE.

I created a skype account ( for us and he downloaded the software onto his laptop, used his cell phone for Internet access and we tested it. 

I hooked up a microphone to the laptop in class, connected speakers and projected it onto a large screen and for over 2 hours, this presenter from New Hampshire was LIVE!!  It worked like a charm and cost nothing!!  Everyone in the room was impressed.


2 Responses to Skype bridges the distance

  1. Will says:


    We’ve used Skype at our law school a few times with mixed results. While it has been very easy to use audio problems have made it difficult to sustain dialogue at times. I’m wondering if the microphone you hooked up to the laptop in class was a headset meant for your instructor? Was it instead a mic for students in the class to use? Thanks for your mention of this.


  2. Darlene says:

    For this class, the presenter used a webcam with a build in microphone but we used a logitech microphone on a stand so the students could ask questions. The class had only 20 students so it worked well. In a larger room, we would have to use a wireless microphone to amplify the audio.

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