Live Blogging from CALI Conference – Day 3

Session 1 – Law School Educational Technology Specialist: What is it? – Suffolk Law, Cal. Western, Boston College, Elon U

  • 11 job descriptions were handed out
  • this session came out of a need – looking for job duties that one should do and looking for a networking group
  • survey was sent out thru teknoids
  • results & descriptions are posted on cali conference site
  • 110 completed survey
  • 80% have this position
  • faculty love this position and it enables them to use more technology
  • neg – too many duties – some not related to ed
  • most are new positions – less than 7 yrs
  • most report to law school IT or law library director
  • most do not supervise any staff but many supervise students
  • ed. requirements – many different backgrounds – most associated with the library, many have JD or Ed Tech degrees
  • these meet the needs of the position
  • most work with IT and relationship works well
  • top responsibilites 
    •  training faculty on hardware/software,
    • troublehooting hardware/software issues
    • pedagogical training (how to teach with tech)
    • distance ed support
  • goal should be to  bridge IT and faculty – how do you accomplish this?
    • Use faculty that adopt tech as models
    • IT has to make the technology work so faculty are comfortable
    • Collaborate with librarians more
  • other responsibilities – many varied – faculty scholarship, av, etc
  • software & hardware training – many
  • faculty training – most individual training – most can’t get fac. to group training unless required, show & tell at faculty mtg, having faculty train other faculty, must be TOP DOWN
  • course management – most say that more than 50% of faculty use it
  • post  just syllabus & docs – most say this is the case
  • use tech during class time- most say that most faculty do not
  • student use required – most do not
  • U Texas Law School – Ed Tech page with many handouts for faculty on software
  • how do we stay connected? cali, social media, wiki, website? One or more of these will be developed – stay tuned…

Session 2-  Video Podcasting – U of Texas School of Law

  • students drive innovation
  • why podcast?
    • students can stay focused in class & not take notes
    • accommodates different learning styles
    • allows for mobile learning
  • what? – guest speakers, class, review sessions
  • many options -all  expensive – echo360, tegrity, mediasite
  • podcast producer – cheaper
  • $4000 for all equipment – 2 cameras, 2 timebase correctors, blackburst generator, switcher, 3 choir mics on ceiling, 1 wireless mic, 4 input mixer, mac mini, pressure pad – 4 days to install, 2 days to test
  • all podcasts are posted on a blog which students log into (securelysetup thru AD) – can also subscribe thru iTunes
  • use audio recorder (WS 100) as a backup
  • podcast producer – can record from a classroom wiht fixed cameras and on a laptop with portable cameras, good support for AD, supports rss feeds, codecs are standard
  • 76% said it didn’t affect their attendance
  • 86% said it enhanced their learning
  • 73% said they viewed it at least weekly
  • 93% said it helped that they could view it
  • 62% said they subscribed thru itunes
  • 73% said they used audio & video
  • 93% said they loved it
  • prof just signs onto the blog, hit record and then hit submit.
  • will be using Snow Leopard which will allow dual capture – screen & prof
  • video mp4, audio mp3
  • bi-amp systems are recommended

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