Highlights of the CALI Conference For Me

In no particular order:

  • Boulder is beautiful!! So are the new law school classrooms & library.
  • I love the 2 screens in each classroom. Laminated directions in a plastic folder on the wall. All classrooms are identical.
  • Great article on using DropBox for library document delivery http://tinyurl.com/clxkth courtesy of Tom Boone
  • Adobe Captivate seems to be the prefered Screen Capture Video software (over Camtasia) & costs about $300
  • Everyone is talking FLASH
  • There are other free screen capture software that I want to try(Jing, uTipU) -maybe they are better than CamStudio which I use.
  • In addtion to Skype, thre are some other free webconferencing tools, too (sightspeed, oovoo, palbee, dimdim, wengo, paltalk).
  • My Thursday & Sat. session choices were so much more useful for me than my Friday ones.
  • WestLaw has the best freebies – flash drives, pads, pens, & mice
  • I learned a lot about using Google apps and embedding media into TWEN
  • I learned about WestLaw watch – subscribing to newspapers, articles and can embed into TWEN
  • Great to see that the other Ed. Technologists are facing the same issues and we will be developing some type of sharing/networking site
  • I think I want a Kindle…
  • A FLIP video camera looks very useful – easy to use and convenient for sharing videos
  • You could use Adobe Connect for recording student simulations (they are web-based & saved as flash)
  • WestLaw Exchange is evolving and may be a good place to store audio & video files (in the future)
  • I hope I remember and have time to use half of what I learned..
  • If not, they were recorded and slides posted:

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