Alternative to MediaNotes?

As previously mentioned, the clinic faculty and students have been using MediaNotes to annotate simulation videos (see Sept 28, 2008 post).

Some law school clinics have been experimenting with VideoANT.

VideoANT received its first publishing in the 2008 Horizon Report as an example of a Grass Roots Video tool most likely to impact higher education in the coming year. It was one of only five video technologies listed! Check out page 12 of the PDF at:
Download the 2008 Horizon Report as a PDF



I tried it with my clicker video which I converted from .wmv to flv and uploaded.  VideoANT was super easy to to use and you instantly receive an email with the link to view, edit or embed your annotated video.

 To VIEW my Annotations, go to:

VideoANT does not provide hosting or upload capabilities. It is simply a tool that allows you to annotate a Flash Video you have posted on the server of your choice, or a video that someone has shared with you. They currently support Flash Video files posted online. They also now support  youtube URL’s.

Rutger’s Law School is working on a web-based solution as well

 More to come on this subject…


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