Outlook is Live!

As of August 3, 2009, Albany Law School’s students, staff and faculty are using OutLook 2007 to access email and calendars.  Most are using OWA (http://webmail.albanylaw.edu ) but several staff members have had the Outlook 2007 client installed on their desktops. Questions and answers about the conversion can be found at:  www.albanylaw.edu/its/faq.

OWA Resources that are currently available:

  • Outlook Training PowerPoint (.pdf)
  • Outlook Conversion Dates and Details
  • Steps in Groupwise before the Conversion to Outlook
  • Directions on Getting Your Outlook Password Through WebAdvisor
  • Outlook Web Access Overview
  • Outlook Web Access Guide
  • Instructions for Viewing Unseen Folders
  • Instructions on Saving E-Mails as .Pdfs
  • Comparison of Light and OWA
  • Instructions for Installing the IE tab in FireFox
  • Instructions for Configuring Windows Mobile Sync
  • Instructions for Configuring iPhone Sync
  • Instructions for Creating a Forward/Redirect Rule
  • Instructions for Accessing Another User’s Calendar
  • Instructions for Opening Another Mailbox (with full access)
  • Microsoft Web Tutorial
  • ITS video tutorials:
  • Outlook Client Resources that are currently available:

  • First Steps from OWA to the Client
  • Introductory Guide
  • Instructions for Accessing a Shared Mailbox
  • Instructions for Sharing a Calendar
  • Instructions for Color Coding E-Mail
  • Instructions for Retracting a Sent E-Mail Message
  • Instructions for Configuring Windows Mobile Sync
  • Instructions for Configuring iPhone Sync
  • Microsoft Web Tutorial
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    2 Responses to Outlook is Live!

    1. Yana Siganur says:

      I always had my Groupwise school email forwarded to my main Gmail account, where I would see the original sender of the message instead of my own name. However, when I set up automatic forwarding in the new Outlook account, it forwards every message to me from myself and not the original sender. You should point that out in the instructional video as well as indicate that *redirecting* their email is a better option.

      • Darlene Cardillo says:

        Thanks Yana, I have added directions on how to redirect and clarified as you stated the difference between forwarding and redirecting in Outlook.

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