Harvard Law Class is Online and on TV

Michael J. Sandel’s “Justice,” long one of the most popular classes at Harvard, will now be available for free online and on public television. Complete NYTimes artticle – Morals Class Is Starting; Please Pass the Popcorn

Interesting excerpts from the article:

  • when it comes to the Web, Harvard lags behind Duke and Stanford, whose lectures are already available on iTunes U, and M.I.T., which developed its own software years ago to make classes available.
  • We looked at what other universities had done and realized that they didn’t have the full classroom experience…Watching a video that looks as if it were made with a convenience store security camera, as most Internet courses do, without the slides, syllabus and other materials available to actual students, dilutes the experience
  • Harvard had been searching for a while to find a way to deliver academic content, but finding dynamic yet cost-effective ways to share the classroom experience beyond the university’s walls has been trickier than one might think…Mr. Sandel’s proposal can serve as a working model for the dissemination of many courses.
  • Discussion is an essential part of the course, Mr. Sandel said, which is why the Web site, justiceharvard.org, offers beginner and advanced discussion guides.

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