If you can’t beat em, join em


 You have to communicate with students the way they like to communicate or they will not pay attention.  In fact, when I searched,  there were about 50  or so Albany Law Facebook pages.

Albany Law’s FB pages:

Student-Created FB pages:

  • Albany Law Sci & Tech Journal
  • The Issue
  • Albany Black Law Students Society
  • Albany Law Interns
  • Albany Law Phi Alpha Delta
  • Albany Law Extracurricular Activites
  • Albany Law Softball
  • Albany Law Racquetball
  • Albany Law Tennis Club
  • Albany Law Republicans
  • Albany Law Class of 2012
  • Albany Law Democrats
  • Albany Law Outdoor Club
  • Albany Law SBA
  • Albany Law Class of 2010
  • Albany Law Class of 2011
  • Albany Law Cardozo Society
  • Albany Law Rugby Alumni
  • Albany Law Federal Society

and more…

Educationally, what is the value? 

LexisNexis’ Blackboard course managment system can sync to a student’s Facebook page.  I brought that up to our Westlaw rep.  Will TWEN be able to do the same?


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