Windows 7 is out…


Though I haven’t seen it yet…here’s what they say is  new:

  •  New Windows Task bar – It looks and feels a lot more like Mac OS X’s dock. These programs can be reordered by dragging them. You can also drag and drop the most frequently used applications on this task bar. When you move your mouse over these programs a thumbnail will pop up displaying a thumbnail of what is inside of each open application.


  • Fewer Annoying Pop-ups –  the User Account Control in Windows Vista that kept asking yes/no to approve system status updates and whether you wanted to allow a program to run or not. Winodws 7 scaled back the pop-ups for all of the users making this feature less annoying.
  • Device Stage – Windows 7’s device manager will give you a single window for interacting with various gadgets. Clicking on a device will provide some details such as battery charge, available storage space, and even the time and date of your last sync. From this same window you can manage photos, music, or ring tones that are stored on it.
  • Other minor improvements:
    • connecting to a Wi-Fi network with a couple of mouse clicks rather than dealing with an entirely new window.
    • If you have multiple locations for music stored on your hard drive, a Music library folder can provide a single point of access to all of that music.
    • Internet Spades, Internet Backgammon and Internet Checkers, which were removed from Windows Vista, were restored.
    • Windows 7 includes Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Media Player 12.
    • Users also are able to disable many more Windows components than was possible in Windows Vista including Internet Explorer

New cool Windows 7 features:




***Windows 7 videos – Watch them to learn more!

***Windows 7 vs Vista vs  XP – click HERE.


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