What’s On Their Minds? 2009 Voice of the Student Report


This new report was published by IntelliResponse and parts of it are enlightening.  It deals with the top online questions posed by students in colleges & universities, their impact on various depratments at higher ed institutions, such as IT, and recommendations for improvements.

Here are some highlights:

    • Close to 75% of all online questions asked deal with administrative, informational issues of one sort or another. This presents an ideal opportunity for institutions to standardize (across multiple communication channels such as contact centers, web site, social media and mobile) information delivery to provide students with the answers they need, while reducing costs and staff workload in key student-facingdepartments.
    • 33% of all online questions asked in an IT Help Desk environment deal with simply gaining access to programs via passwords and login information.(Top questions – How do I change my password? Why can’t I login?What do I do if I forgot my password?) Clearly, there exists a tremendous opportunity for many overworked, overtaxed IT and contact center departments to deliver simple, self-serve information concerning this area – which is likely a real source of frustration for both students and staff alike. The prevalence of questions regarding remote/ wireless access to student networks, as well as management of online student portals and courseware programs like Blackboard also represent a significant portion of all queries related toinformation technology.


Implications – Schools must understand and provide effective technologies that accurately answer the unique questions posed by both current and prospective students in a self-serve format.

How does this apply to us? 

Yes, much of the information that students request  is probably written somewhere on the website or the intranet or WebAdivisor.  IT helpdesk responds to students’ questions in a timely manner and always points them to where the answers to many of their questions are located such as, www.albanylaw.edu/its/faq  


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