Albany Law School’s First Online Course



Government Ethics taught by Dean Salkin this spring will be Albany Law School first totally online course.  (Judge Stein has previously taught several HYBRID courses where 1/2 of the class interaction was online).

Students who participate in this course will be guided through interactive class lessons over the Internet, working closely with Professor Salkin and exchanging ideas with fellow classmates online. Required interactivity will be asynchronous, meaning that students do not need to access their online course at any particular time during the day. The only class meeting will be an orientation held at Albany Law School to discuss course requirements.  This course will utilize Westlaw’s TWEN, a course management system that law students are already familiar with. At the course site, students will find reading assignments, links to materials pertinent to the course, a syllabus, a statement of the course goals, a number of hypothetical problems, lecture notes, video clips of lectures, audio clips, PowerPoint slides, slides with narration, a threaded discussion board, live chats, and assessments. Each week, within periods of time designated by Professor Salkin, students will be responsible for covering the material assigned, accessing materials as instructed, viewing lecture clips and participating in online discussions. The discussions will take place on the class’s threaded discussion board. They also may take place in live “chat” sessions, during which the professor may meet with students, or a group of students may arrange to meet, online. Participation in “live” chat will be optional, to preserve student flexibility in time and place. Professor Salkin will be able to track student participation and progress through the TWEN site.  

Study input will be sollicited periodically to make sure students needs are met.  This important feedback will also be used  in designing other online courses that  may be offered at Albany Law School.


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