New Poll on Students and Technology Use

From today’s Campus Technology News Update:

The report, “2009 21st-Century Campus Report: Defining the Vision,” released by CDW Government, polled about 1,000 students, instructors, and IT department staff members in order to gauge their attitudes about technology used in education and their expectations for the future

According to new research  only 38 percent of students indicated that their instructors “understand technology and fully integrate it into their classes.”  Students also rated that lack of understanding as “the biggest obstacle to classroom technology integration.”

Despite this, 74 percent of higher education instructors polled indicated that they “incorporate technology into every class or nearly every class,” and 67 percent said they were “satisfied with their technology professional development.” 52 percent of students said they use social networking tools for education, only 14 percent of faculty members said they use social networking for teaching purposes. (Thirty-six percent of faculty members use social networking tools for non-academic purposes.)

The report also found that students are using technology regularly in preparation for class: 81 percent of them this year said they use technology every day before class to prepare compared with 63 percent last year. Researchers also asked students which technologies they thought their institutions should offer. The top results included:

  • Wireless access (76 percent in 2009 versus 50 percent in 2008);
  • Computer labs (66 percent in 2009 versus 55 percent in 208); and
  • Course management systems (53 percent in 2009 versus 31 percent in 2008).
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