“Technology in the Classroom” from November’s The National Jurist

This article talks about how law schools are adapting law school life to the students’ real life.  In other words, since today’s student live their lives online, in the car, at work and at school, law schools have implemented new technolgies to meet students’ needs.

Many law school are using podcasting.  UNC School of Law is using Echo360 to post  podcasts with audio only and slide-enhanced lectures.  More and more professors there are recording their classes due to the favorable response from students.

Hofstra Law designed “Lex Lounge“, an invitation-only social networking site to facilitate communciation among faculty, students & staff since they found that their students logged into Facebook more regualrly than their email accounts.

For the complete article, go to:  http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/cypress/nationaljurist1109/#/38


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