TWEN has a Wiki

We were in the process of setting up an online course in TWEN for the spring and talked about using wikis as a way for students to create and share content. is free and easy to use so that was a possibility.

Lo and behold!  I noticed “Wiki” on the navigation menu in TWEN. 

TWEN now has a wiki.  Here’s what it says:

Within the wiki section of TWEN you can create pages that can be collaboratively edited by faculty or students. You can control whether or not everyone is allowed to create new pages, or just administrators. By clicking the Modify Page button you can access the course wide settings for the Wiki. Also, when you click on the Add New Page button you can control on a per page basis whether all users can edit the page, or administrators only.

 It is easy to set up and students are able to add pages and/or add, edit content on existing pages. The professor can set up the pages or the content and control administrative privileges for the pages.

Perfect timinng for the Online Government Ethics course.  Students will have done 7 wikis by the end of the course. Each one will be on a topic relating to Gov’t Ethics.  

Each student will be researching a chosen state adding their own content on the wiki.


I wish TWEN would publicize their enhancements.


For more about using a wiki in online teaching, check out Patty Salkin’s posts on the Best Practices Blog.



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