New Audio Recording Policy

A policy was created last semester and went into effect at the beginning of this semester.  There is also a new student recording request form.

Effective January 1, 2010, students who are making a request that the law school audio record classes for them, must comply with the Audio Recording Policy posted on the intranet under “Student” and included in the Student Handbook.  Nothing in the policy prohibits students from seeking permission from an individual faculty member to record that faculty member’s class with the student’s own recording equipment.  Nothing in the policy prohibits faculty members from audio-recording their own classes using their own recording devices or from giving students permission to make their own recordings.  This policy does not govern recordings of events other than classes, nor does it govern recordings requested by a faculty member for his/her own pedagogical or scholarly use (e.g. recording a simulation exercise in Negotiating for Lawyers, recording a lecture for use in a Webinar, recording make-up classes or review sessions).

This policy addresses the procedure to be followed for recording of classes by ITS for individual students:
Students with a Disability
–Religious Observance
–Students for Whom English is a Second Language
–Short-Term Illness/Injury or other Exigent Circumstances

 In these cases, the student must submit the request form (available online or in the Office of Student Affairs.)  Once permission to record has been granted by the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, she shall notify ITS  and provide them with a list of classes to be recorded.  The Assistant Dean shall also notify the faculty member that his or her class is being recorded.  Unless the relevant faculty member gives permission for public posting of the recordings, all recordings shall be posted on the faculty member’s chosen Learning Management System (such as TWEN) and will be password-protected so that only the affected student has access to the recording.


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