Participants in our first Online Course


In TWEN, we asked students to complete a survey before beginning the course to help us in meeting their needs.  Above are the results.

In summary:

  • Most students do not have experience with distance learning. 87% are talking their lst online course.
  • Most have wireless connection to the Internet at home (83%).
  • Most are taking this online course to accommodate a busy schedule (61%). Though 30% like working at their own pace.
  • Most students have used TWEN but only for accessing documents (85%). Only 4% are very familiar with its functionality.

What is the impact of the survey results?

We decided to post some support materials.  We also added a discussion topic related to support issues.  We added one face to face meeting where we would address questions about the course regarding expectations and I would walk them through the TWEN site.

We also will be cognizant of file size and try to not upload very large files. We will break up large powerpoints into smaller ones. We will also when possible embed files (using Slideshare) instead of posting them.

The course will remain online without face to face meetings unless requested by students.  Live discussions may be scheduled but at a variety of times (as dictated by student schedules).  If students cannot attend a face to face, we will use Adobe Connect to allow them to be present virtually (on their computer.)  We will also post the recording in case a student cannot be on his/her computer at that time.


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