Two Useful Free Tools for Staff Development

As new technologies emerge, it is crucial to offer staff development opportunities to faculty so that they can learn to use these tools.  To meet the challenges of their busy schedules, an alternative to face-to-face workshops needs to be  implemented.

That’s where Jing and come into play.

Jing by TechSmith  is a fast and easy way to capture images and create videos of what you see on your screen. You can use this software to capture screen shots to create directions that can posted online or e-mailed.

Here’s one on “How to embed a YouTube Video in TWEN.”

You can also use it with a microphone to add audio to the video capture of the screen. In other words, making an instructional video that can be shared.

Here’s one on “How to embed a  ppt in TWEN” – is TechSmith’s media hosting solution that Jing uses to securely host your content.  The video that is created with Jing is a flash video.  With, you can upload your Jing video and provide others with a weblink to watch the instructional video or you can embed the video into a webpage.  You can also shore screenshots images here.

Both of these tools are FREE!

 (For an additional cost, you can purchase upgraded versions with more storage space and more options.)


From this blog  post, I just learned about another FREE screencasting application called Screenr.  It is different than Jing in that you do not have to download any software; it is entirely web-based. It captures what you do on your screen and then converts it a web video format and can post a notification to Twitter. You can then download the video as an MP4 movie file and upload to an iPhone or iPod.

Here’s my first one:


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