More TWEN Updates

  • Customer Support Button/Page – (Based on customer feedback!)
    A new large, red “Customer Support” button has been placed at the top of every page on When a faculty or student clicks on the button, they will be brought to the “Contact Us” page, which has also been redesigned with more clear information about how to utilize our 24X7 support options.
  • Send to a Friend – (NEW, Starting Monday, 3/8/2010)
    We have implemented a new feature that will allow Westlaw Research User Guides (located on the User Guide tab) to be sent to multiple email addresses. Professors, students and account managers can share Westlaw research guides quickly to multiple people. To use the feature, just click the e‐mail envelope icon next to the user guide. From there, you can add multiple email addresses. The recipient will receive an email with the url link to the user guide. The email indicates who the sender was.
  • Live Discussion/Chat (Starting Thursday 3/4/2010)
    Our upgrade to a more recent version of ChatBlazer for live discussions involves:
     Improved connectivity for customers during a chat
     Transcripts of moderated discussions will now display the moderator name, along with the original poster’s name (in the previous version, the original poster’s name was not displayed when the moderator releases the text)
     Images can now be uploaded to the discussions
     Emoticons can now be used
     Time zones – all Live Discussions are defaulted to Central Time and textual notes have been added that state: Please note that all date/time stamps are in Central time
     A slightly improved look and feel to the discussion room itself
  • OnePass Re‐authentication for Public Records
    If a customer has their OnePass credentials saved on their computer, and then tries to access a public record within certain sensitive public records databases, they will be required to reauthenticate (i.e. enter their OnePass credentials again) before they will be allowed to enter the database/view the documents. The affected databases are: CRIM, RPF, RPALL, RPA, and RPT.
  • E‐Mail Options – (Based on customer feedback!)
    When a customer selects the “All Participants” e‐mail option, the boxes next to eachparticipant’s will be checked. If the customer then proceeds to de‐select certain students from the list, the “All Participants” option will be de‐selected as well. All emails were being sent previously, but the lack of checked boxes next to recipient names caused some confusion.
  • Upgraded HTML Editor – (NEW!)
    Students and faculty using an iPhone can now post to a document page or forum using the HTML editor on TWEN.
  • Sign‐Up Sheets – (Based on customer feedback!)
    We modified the language on manual item sign‐up sheets to be more intuitive for customers. Text has been changed to: “For your participants to sign‐up, you must enter at least one item in the available boxes. To add more items than the current boxes allow, click Add More Items.”
  • Wiki – (NEW!)
    The allowable number of stored (and comparable) versions of a wiki has been increased from 20 to 100. Look for usage tracking for Wiki in an upcoming release.
  • OnePass Seamless Authentication Issue
    Users were being inconvenienced by having to log‐in with their OnePass again when they had clicked on “Westlaw Research”, after they have clicked on any sub‐navigational tabs within This has been corrected, and now customers’ log‐in information is persisted throughout the session.
  • Faculty Support Tool – (NEW!)
    Please ask your Academic Account Manager about this feature intended for faculty admin assistants, library staff, and other support personnel at your school.
  • OnePass
    We continue to make improvements to our registration process and password retrieval process as we near the final transition date of May 31st 2010. All faculty and students will need to have a strong OnePass account by this date, and we are continuously coding solutions and improving our on screen help to assist customers through the process.

View a demo of the Spring TWEN Enhancements Here.


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