Streaming Video has arrived

Albany Law School  broadcast live an event for the first time on March 4, 2010.  We used Adobe Flash Encoder and a SONY camcorder to webcast the Law Review’s Symposium on .  Off site  viewers were able to watch this event live on their computer, send questions via a chat box and access posted handouts & slides. After the event, the .flv file was ftped to the server  ( where the flash video  is archived for future viewing.

Streaming (camcorder & laptop on the bottom left)

Live on the computer screen

Video Archive

This option offers the law school an additional way to transmit content  and interact with students who are not physically at the law school.    

Here is a summary of what we are able to offer: 

  • IP videoconferencing – off site users need access to IP videoconferencing equipment (codec, microphone, camera, high speed Internet connection)
  • Adobe Connect – off site users need Internet access, webcam or microphone to interact (chatting is an alternative & more reliable option)
  • TWEN and LexisNexis Web courses’  live chat tools – off site users need Internet access & WestLaw & Lexis accounts
  • Conference calls  – off site users need access to a phone line
  • Streaming Video – off site users need need Internet access, interaction is only chatting (if enabled)

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