Survey Says…Halfway Point in Our Online Course


According to the above Mid-Semester survey questions (based on 17 out of 22 who responded):

  • 65% were spending 5-10 hours of course work. This is in line with course expectations.
  • 65% felt that this was the amount of time that they expected. This what we told them at the face-to-face meeting.
  • 53% felt that they were taking a more active role in class discussion on-line than they might have it the class were live.  This is what we were hoping!!
  • 100% felt that the discussion questions were focused yet open-ended enough to allow for differing points of view. Perfect!!!
  • 71%  were satisfied with the virtual discussion as it stands-  in others words, there shouldn’t be more or less responses to inital postings. So we will keep the required responses to initial posting the same.
  • 65% felt that TWEN works well as a course management system for an online class.  This is good since since this is what most of the face-to-face courses here use.
  • 76% were pleased so far with their experience taking an online course. Phew!!!

The students’ responses are very positive. 

Another survey is planned which will be directed toward student reaction to  the wikis and the group project. 

 The end of the course survey will include more open-ended questions and allow for more  feedback.


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