Survey Says Most College Professors Use Social Media

A recent survey conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group in collaboration with New Marketing Labs and Pearson, a global leader in education, technology and services revealed that more than 80 percent of college faculty are using social media, with more than half using these tools as part of their teaching.


  • Nearly 1,000 faculty from across the nation participated in the survey.
  • Most faculty respondents (59%) have more than one social network account; nearly 25 percent have accounts on four or more social networks.
  • More than 30 percent use social networks to communicate with students; nearly 1/3 use social networks to communicate with peers.
  • A majority (52%) report using video, podcasts, blogs and wikis as part of their classes.
  • Watching a video or listening to a podcast is the most common activity for both faculty personal use (72%) and for use within a class (46%).
  • Social media use is higher among faculty in the Humanities and Social Sciences than those in Mathematics, Science, Business and Economics.
  • Faculty teaching online courses are more likely to have social network accounts and to use them to communicate with fellow educators and with students.
  • Older faculty (those teaching more than 20 years) make substantial use of social networks; in fact, older faculty’s use of social media is only slightly lower than that of their younger peers.

Presentation of the results of the Pearson Social Media in Higher Education Survey:

While searching for examples and evidence of Social Media use at law schools, I found these resources:


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