Government Ethics Online – End of Semester Survey Results

At the completion of the course, we posted 2 surveys. – a 22 multiple-choice question survey in TWEN and another using SurveyMonkey with 6 open-ended questions. Only 7 out of 20 students completed the TWEN survey but 13 out 20 students completed the SurveyMonkey one.

Click HERE to read the complete survey results.

Summary of TWEN survey results:

  • Students would recommend an online format for this course.
  • They felt that they were not taking a more active role in discussions online than they would in a traditional class.
  • They thought that the discussions were focused yet open-ended.
  • They were satisfied with the number of discussion postings.
  • All thought that TWEN worked well as a course management system for an online class.
  • Students spent 5-10 hours per week on this course which was what they expected.
  • They thought that they became more familiar with local laws but did not indicate overwhelmingly that they enhanced their reading/analytical skills regarding regulations or  Caselaw or even time management skills.
  • Students felt they were more thoughtful in their discussion responses because they were in writing.
  • They thought the group project took as much effort as a written paper, liked that it enabled peer interaction, and felt all team members put forth equal effort/time.
  • Students felt that the amount of time required was equal to a traditional 3-credit course.

Some of the Written Comments:

  • Group Project – Positive
    • subject matter was interesting
    • good opportunity for face-to-face interaction
    • creative & engaging
  • Group Project – Negative
    • difficult for group members to get together
    • restrictiveness of it
    • we didn’t have a grading rubric to go by
  • Online course, in general – Positive
    • flexibility was very important & much appreciated
    • liked the wikis
    • it was easy to participate in the discussion because the written medium allows you to carefully craft your responses
    • the best part was the exchange of ideas that doesn’t normally happen in the traditional classroom
  • Online course, in general – Negative
    • discussions were excessive…it was unrealistic that everyone would have something to contribute every single class
    • tardiness of other members’ class postings
    • not being able to know who some of my classmates are
    • I had the feeling that many people did not read what others said

All in all, our first experience with an online course went well. We will probably make some minor changes (based on student feedback) and offer this course again next spring.

Here’s a short promo video:


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