Wiki Course Outlines

Albany Law School’s Center for Excellence in Law Teaching (CELT) highlights “Examples of Innovative Teaching Exercises.  A recent example is “Collective course outlining using the wiki functions of TWEN.”

Professor Pamela Armstrong teaches Lawyering, and Labor Law. Each course culminates in a semi-open book final exam.  The only material that students may use during the exam is an outline which the class collectively developed during the semester using TWEN’s wiki functions.

For each class meeting an assigned student is asked to outline the daily reading assignment, and post her work to a class wiki on TWEN for all to see. As each student submits her work to the wiki the course outline grows.  Although the outline does not factor into grading, Professor Armstrong has seen a significant increase in understanding and achievement on her final exams.  Additionally, the readily accessible and easy to use technology allows students to complete this exercise on their own without having to use precious class time.

This activity provides Professor Armstrong with frequent assessment opportunities, and her students with opportunities for reflection.  Professor Armstrong is able to match her teaching to her class’s progress. Students are able to compare their study skills, legal analysis and writing styles with those of their peers.

(taken  from CELT webpage –


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