Developing on-line & blended courses/components: Best Practices in Instructional Design

The  Capital District Educational Technology Group‘s (CDETG)  Seminar was held today at UAlbany.  Albany Law School as well as the other colleges and universities in the area participate in this group.

The topic of this meeting was Blended Courses (Previous topics have included: Active Learning, Podcasting, Distance Learning, Faculty PD).

Panel Participants:

  • Ruth E Scipione, The Stages of Reconceptualizing a Course for Blended, UAlbany
  • Bill Pelz & Jane Verri, Introducing the Herkimer HyFlex!, Herkimer County Community College
  • Marie-Pierre Huguet, Instructional Design in a World of Blends: Considering the Instructor, RPI
  • Christine Paige, Educational Technologist Perspective, St. Rose

Brief Summary:

  • Blended means many things – from face to face (f2f) with online materials posted to fewer f2f classes & online required activities to totally online.
  • Some schools have required training for faculty who teach blended or online courses.  UAlbany has tried blended training for faculty.
  • Teaching styles of faculty are important.
  • Some schools have face to face courses that have become unofficially blended courses.
  • Many schools have distance learning programs – some do not offer these to students on campus.
  • Herkimer has started a HyFlex program which means students have the choice to come to class or do the work online
  • Carnegie recommends 2 hours of time outside of class for every hour in class
  • Sometimes online courses become 1 1/2 classes – too much work assigned for faculty member to manage
  • One can’t assume that all students know how to use the technology. The younger ones know how to text & play online games.
  • Herkimer provided an example of a rubric that they use to grade online discussion posts.

The next CDETG meeting is tentatively scheduled for Skidmore College in October or November. It will be a “Show & Tell.”


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