70 Cool Tech Tools

If you’re a techie or like to be creative in your use of technology, there are a lot of neat things in this presentation:

Most of the tools are web-based, free, easy to use and no need for software to be installed.  Many of them I have heard of or used, but I learned about new ones as well.

The tools are categorized as follows.  I have highlighted several that would be useful to law students and faculty. These tools enable digital content to be shared through email, uploading to TWEN, posting on a Blog, etc.

  • Digital images, editors & generators
  • Video
    • Zamzar.com for converting youtube videos to .wmv format
  • Audio
    • Myna (aviary.com) for editing a class recording
  • Screen Capture
    • screenr.com for adding audio to computer presentations
  • Web Spaces
  • Chatroom/Backchannel
    • chatzy.com to create a private chatroom for a class or group of students
  • Presentations
  • MindMapping
  • Polling
  • Productivity
    • awesomehighlighter.com lets you highlight text on web pages and then gives you a small link to the highlighted page.


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